Free Camping and Assassinations, Your Tax Dollars at Work

As a full-time road tripper, do people you meet on the road ever say to you “Gee, you travel all the time? What, didja win the lotto?

Dewey Utah Wild CactusWhat do you say to them?

I hesitate to tell people how Jim and I live because most assume that we’re loaded (with money, that is). Which we are not. Ok, it’s all relative, but still.

We manage to do what we do because we keep our expenses extremely low and stay debt free. Our wallets are thin but our spirits are not.

Of course explaining this to a stranger takes more than a 15-second spiel, so I usually just say “we’re snowbirds.”

Dewey Utah Back RoadOne of the ways we can do what we do and still eek out a living is through our Internet connections and by scouring the countryside for freebie spots like this one in Utah.

Last week, after taking an emotional beating over our dented Dodge, we hit the road and started heading back to our summer spot.

But before braving the Colorado cold, we stopped near Moab to soak up some sun and camp for a few more days.

Dewey Utah WildflowerSpring has sprung here and we wanted to see more. We also haven’t experienced any warm weather whatsoever since last summer, so I was hoping for high temperatures.

Some fellow road trippers told us about this pretty spot, which I’ve since added to the Escapees Day’s End Directory. (go buy a copy to find out where it is!).

These free spots are widely available to wintertime road trippers in Southwestern deserts. Winter brings many more options for finding solitude on the road.

Scene from Dewey Bridge Utah RunIt’s rare that I actually feel like I’m getting something for my tax dollars, but when we camp on free public land like this, I love knowing that my tax dollars paid for it.

As we prepared to leave Moab and head to Red Feather Lakes, news about President Obama’s awesomely stunning move broke on BBC News.

I never thought I would feel any sense of exhilaration over the death of an individual, but I surprised myself with my reaction when Jim screamed “They got Bin Laden!”

Dewey Utah Wildflower“GOOD!” I said. Yes, I was happy that they killed him. Ecstatic that this horrible human being was wiped off the face of the earth. Now it’s really time for the collective “We” to move forward toward better days ahead. Is that so wrong?

Thank you Mister President.

Now if we can just get rid of Fox News, I’d be even happier.

Land of the Free, indeed.


7 thoughts on “Free Camping and Assassinations, Your Tax Dollars at Work”

  1. Hi Rene, love your blog. My wife and I had a similar reaction. President Obama is doing the best he can – he’s competent and caring. nice to know others appreciate his efforts. Good luck in your travels.

  2. Yo! Lets hear it for the super top secret GSD seal kung fu fighter! It wasn’t no Mal, oh no it wasn’t!

    Mom sez that Castilleja and Camissonia sure are pretty!

    Codie Rae

    • Yessiree, they couldn’t pull that off without GSD smartz!

      Hey Mom, you shore are smart. Check our photo gallery for more new flowers. We’d love to know their names.

  3. I had the same reaction to the news as you, and I don’t think it’s wrong to be glad bin Hidin’ is dead. (And thanks for adding to the Day’s End Directory — we hope to be giving it a workout in the coming year!)

  4. Great blog post today! It’s so refreshing to see someone say they are proud of our President. I’m proud, too. Everyone involved in this mission did an outstanding job-the intelligence community, the President and especially the Seals. I don’t like cheering the death of anyone but I gave out a little “Yippee!” when I heard the news.


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