Getting Away from Getting Away

Ah, California. Land of sunshine, beaches, beautiful people and . . .

The most outrageous fuel prices in the country!

When we arrived, diesel was just up over $3.00 a gallon. Now, it’s almost at $4. The longer we hang out, the higher prices climb. It’s like a flashback to 2008. Scary stuff.

After several weeks of hanging out, the L.A. basin is starting to remind us of crabs in a pot.

Soon, we’ll beat a path out of here, and head somewhere far away.

Here, actually.

A small ranch in Southern Arizona, where our friends Kelly and Al have been caretaking every winter. We camped there with them for a night once, and loved the peace and quiet. Last Fall, Kelly and Al hooked us up with the property owners, and now we have a short caretaking gig at their place in February/March.

We’ll have some animals and acreage to look after, along with wide open skies, big views and a whole lot of quiet.

Then in late March, as long as fuel prices don’t get too much higher, we’ll head to Big Bend National Park once again. Where the skies are even bigger, and the Longhorns outnumber the people.

Now that’s living.

5 thoughts on “Getting Away from Getting Away”

  1. Sounds like you have a nice place to stay for awhile. I’m leaving for my yearly trip to Maui next week and then we’ll spend some time at the Tucson Rock and Gem show afterwards. We’re already making plans for hitting the road in March. It is possible we’ll be at Big Bend the end of March also.

  2. One of the things that I notice frequently around Los Angeles is that gas prices will range by up to 45 cents between stations only a few miles apart. Of the few things that I like New Jersey for, low gas prices is probably second-best. (My wife being from there is first.)


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