No More Excuses, It’s Time to Hit the Road

When you live the hobo lifestyle, many people will mistakenly assume that you’re either a trustafarian or you’ve won the lotto. We’ve had many people comment “oh you must be rich” when we tell them how we live.

Rich in spirit, mind, body and soul maybe, but financially, we are not (yet! hah!).

Most people don’t believe it, but you really don’t need to be rich to take an extended travel sabbatical and see the sights you’ve always wanted to see. All it takes is the determination to work out the details and finance the trip.

No More Excuses!

If you’re thinking of hitting the road but your finances, job, family, pet or health situation is keeping you from doing it, stop right now and pick up a copy of “Answers to the Common Excuses Not to Travel Full-Time.”

Our NuRVer friends Chris and Cherie recently published a useful 78-page e-book that addresses 15 different excuses that people make for not living the travel lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. From figuring out how to get rid of your stuff, to planning for health care and making a living, “Answers to the Common Excuses” will motivate you to put your dream in motion.

Available on a pay-what-it’s-worth-to-you basis, just just follow this link to pick up your copy today!

3 thoughts on “No More Excuses, It’s Time to Hit the Road”

  1. I’d say you folks are living near parallel lives – do they have a three legged cat?

    A great site for anyone on the fence or needing additional guidance in terms of what to expect out there, but not unlike your site, chock full of the reasons to give this life-style a roll – literally. What’s better for one’s character than licking bar-B-Q sauce off of your fingers (or your lovers) in Texas, swimming in a lake in upstate New York, drinking rum in Florida, or fartin’ in a natural hot springs with no questions asked with regards to its source? What I ask you?

    Or as St. Augustine once put it: “The world is a book, those who do not travel read only one page.”

    You go you nomads! Hey, I like that “no mads”. I suspect loose and drifty travel would shake the mad out of anyone.

    Enrico strikes again!


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