Large Marge is in charge.

I’m proud of my little warehouse worker. Just yesterday she vowed not to let it get to her, that she would just do her job the best she could and punch her clock like a good worker bee would.

Large Marge is in Charge

This morning she apparently stood her ground and told them something completely different, and was then sent home early yet again. We got to walk Wyatt together, and now she’s taking a much deserved nap. It’s good to have Margie home again, but I’ll let her tell the rest of the story.

Note original post date: November, 2009.

UPDATE: Discover the new and improved Amazon CamperForce.

It sure would be nice to know what happened to all those lucrative overtime hours we heard about though. But then again, I also heard that consumer sales for this Black Friday weekend were up a whopping 0.5% from last year too.

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  1. Hang in there Rene cause you’ve got your ear to the ground and will have tales to tell for sure, can’t put a price on that now can you?

    Rene, is it me or are you starting to look like Dustin Hoffman? A young Dustin Hoffman but Dustin Hoffman for sure.

    Either way, you look cute in your Amazon bunny suit.

    Oh, and as an FYI, a few of my customers will be hiring in Q1 2010. This is not to be read as tell-tale signs of a recovery but rather as teency weency steps toward a wee recovery of some sort.

    Last item, I need a web designer, if you know anyone send ’em my way. Must have experience with eCommerce sites (sorry for the recruitment on your blog).

    Much aloha to you both,

  2. Making a big stink might be the way to go. Tonight, I discovered that a guy who raged on one of the blue badged bosses, last Monday for being sent home, was promoted to ambassador status. You know, the orange vests who tell you your numbers. Damn it, he started after I did! The dude was crazy spitting mad up in this poor girls face. She looked like she was going to cry. And, it wasn’t based on numbers because I have had the top numbers in my group/shift many times and no one asked me. Maybe I should make some noise, but its only a couple more weeks.

    • Don’t bother making noise Jenn, they only get fifty cents an hour more than everyone else.

      Oh, and, as part of that “promotion” their main role is doing Satan’s s#!t work of passing out warning notices to people not making the numbers, then later letting them know they’ve been fired and escorting them out of the building.

      Ambassador my ass.


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