Phase II of Our Journey

Going seasonal certainly has put the trip into roadtrip. After a couple quick months in our new mountain home, it was exciting to get back on the road, but it’s kinda weird to have settled right back down here at The Desert Rose while René is doing her time at Amazon. We are nowhere warm yet, so I wouldn’t say we quite qualify for true snowbird status yet. Leaving the house behind, however, officially signifies Phase II of our journey.

So, we have a new Maps page to commemorate the occasion. All our original travel maps from Phase I are still available to show where we’ve been. And now you can see with a quick glance at our new full-time RVer visited states map.

US States Visited RVing Map

I’m just happy I didn’t have to manually design this map. While my search for a WordPress visited states map widget for RVers ended with me wondering if I’m the only out there who thinks such a plugin would be really cool, I did come across a couple websites for automatically generating colorful RVer maps of visited states ready for use on any website!

Marfa Texas Highway 90I used this visited states map generator to make the map above. Here is another RVer map maker that includes Canada and Mexico. Those Geeks On Tour folks even have an RV map making tutorial video showing how to use the latter on Making the map was simple, the hardest part was figuring out where we’ve been. But that’s where those early maps proved helpful.

So, 36 states down, only 14 to go – though I’m not sure how we’re getting the rig to Hawaii. Aside from leaving the mainland, and navigating a few congested New England states, we can now say we have been just about everywhere, except the middle. Well, that’s what this whole phase II thing is all about, or perhaps Phases III and IV. Now that we have a home base, what’s the hurry?

9 thoughts on “Phase II of Our Journey”

  1. Hey Jim, how about you get in touch with one of those huge roll-on-roll-off car/truck/plant haulers that ship new vehicles and equipment to Hawaii from the West Coast. Betcha can get a deal to get your rig over there and back.

    You wouldn’t even need to rent a cabin for the crossing. Make sure they stick you on the top deck though so you can use your Hughes setup! You would then have the honour of truly seeing all 50 states with the same 5er. Work camp on a pineapple or sugar plantation, surf some and park atop a volcano or two.

    • Now there’s an idea! Though I don’t think even with a deal, that’s in the budget for the foreseeable future. We’ll check off those other thirteen first. 🙂


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