We RVers need to think on our toes.

Unexpected Fifth Wheel Trailer Jack ServicingWhat’s going on here? Neal is saving Jim from having a panic attack.

I must thank this former mechanic for his quick thinking. After trying desperately to find a level spot on their property to put our trailer, we realized the spot I had chosen was a bit too steep. It would have been OK if I parked facing uphill, but we like to face northwest for best solar positioning. But that’s another post.

So what happened? All the bumps and maneuvering must have dislodged a retainer bolt from the shaft between our two front leveling jacks. We didn’t realize this until I was raising the trailer to hitch back up, and noticed only one leg was lifting. The other was planted firmly in the ground. OK, no need to panic, we found the bolt and replaced it in the shaft that keeps both legs moving in unison.

So what’s this about quick thinking? Neal immediately asked if I had a tape measure. Since one leg had already raised, we needed to return it to the same length as the other before securing the shaft. I probably would have discovered this only after retracting the legs all the way. Well, at least one of them.

By measuring the planted leg, and extending the other until it matched, we were able to replace the bolt just once. Thanks again Neal. Once a mechanic always a mechanic, I guess.

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    • Hi Doc, thanks for asking! I would search Youtube for that, but I presume it would depend on what type if rig you’re talking about. If you have a fifth wheel with similar legs as I describe, try following my directions by disengaging the drive shaft and measuring the leg extension on both sides until they match then re-affixing the shaft and retracting the legs. hope this helps!

  1. Glad to help out that day. Did you get a nut to replace the one lost that day? and I am not talking about me. LOL Always ready to help when I can.


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