Our cold and lonely trailer.

lonely arctic fox trailer in santa rosa cul de sacI’m feeling homesick … for our trailer!

We’ve been staying with friends and family for so long now that I long for the comfort of our own home sweet home on wheels.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to visit with family and catch up with old friends. But packing a bag to stay in their homes just a few hundred feet from the comfort of my own bed is another thing. I feel kinda like Goldilocks. My back is a wreck from sleeping on beds too soft, or air mattresses on the floor.

And while it’s already been a couple weeks, it’s only just begun. We’re curbside once again, this time for the duration. Of the holidays that is. It may be L.A. but at least we’re staying put, where we’ll get lots of love and plenty of good food. I’m not counting the days yet, but do look forward to getting on the road again.

3 thoughts on “Our cold and lonely trailer.”

  1. We agree with Wayne and can relate. When we dropped off our trailer for warranty work, I was surprised about how worried I was about our “baby.” Then, when we came home from our seven month trip and put it in storage, I felt even worse. Maybe that is why I was anxious to be back in our RV. Perhaps it is time to think about selling the stick house?

  2. Isn’t that funny? I thought I was the only one who missed my home on wheels when visiting friends. When staying with a buddy of mine in Alabama (Snowy RV Visit Powell, Alabama), even though he had a spare bedroom, I stayed in my RV just because I have all my “stuff” on-hand (clothes, toiletries, camera, computer, etc.). Plus I am much more comfortable sleeping in my own bed.

    Full-timing it really does change your perspective, you’re not “camping” – you’re “living.”


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