Homage to the home town peeps.

Since we wrote about meeting new full-timing friends we’ve made online, it’s only fair we give respect to our old home town party people from Eureka.

We had a wonderful Humboldt visit and caught up with many old friendly faces. Much fun was had by all as seen in this short video tribute, with original soundtrack by yours truly on the Yamaha DJX Beat Box that JD Headcase kindly let me go crazy with:

A funny side note … when we originally left Eureka over 18 months ago, we thought about staying at Redneck Acres. (Uh, I mean Redwood Acres.) After a quick drive-by we thought, what a dump!

Remembering this upon our return, I thought no way we’re staying there for a week. Considering the limited choices, I reluctantly agreed to check it out. And when we pulled in, I thought “Hey, this is pretty sweet!”

After some of the places we’ve seen after eighteen months on the road, I guess our expectations have changed quite a bit.

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