Fulltime RVers Progressive Rig Tour, At Last!

This post is waaaaay overdue … we met up with some NüRVers way back in Denver where we filmed a few of them showing off the rigs they live in while traveling the country. We finally took a tour of our own rig while camped out on Jerry’s Flats.

I edited the video together a few weeks ago. Then, honestly, I just forgot all about it. So, without further ado, we present a progressive tour of full-time RVing rigs … from a used conversion van and a grease-powered coach, to our own fifth wheel trailer and one seriously classy Class A Motorhome:

What kind of rig do you roll in?

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  1. Thanks for the interesting video. We have lived in a 34 foot Class A Diesel Pusher – a 1995 Country Coach Intrigue with No slides – for a year. We moved from a 3200 square foot victorian we had lived in for 22 years. I am still in the “figuring out what I want to be carrying around with me” stage and have some things in storage in Massachusetts that I want to clear out this spring. I think books were the hardest thing for me as we had a whole library in our house plus bookcases in almost every room. But this “house” fits us well and the whole country is our backyard.

    • Thanks for sharing! We too went from about 3800 sq.ft. to about 200 sq.ft. of livable space, and are now on a mission to find some property where we can get what little stuff we have left out of storage.

  2. Thanks so much for the video, it has given me a few ideas for my Self Build. I really can’t wait to get on the road full time.

  3. Thanks for the video! So fun to see the inside of other folks’ rigs. I love the Van-Tasy…makes me dream about downsizing to something that tiny and easy to drive. (But I think I’d have to fix the microwave 🙂

  4. … this kind of lifestyle, you have to say a lot of “good byes” …

    If you look at it this way, we all say a lot of “Hellos” too!

  5. Interesting but I don’t know, I imagine that living in mobile homes, this kind of lifestyle, you have to say a lot of “good byes” because you are always leaving, doesn’t it get sad to say good-bye all the time?

  6. Very Cool! Thanks for posting that. I love seeing inside other people’s homes, rolling of sticks/bricks.


  7. Hey guys! So fun to “see” everyone again…those were good times in Colorado. I thought maybe I would feel a little sad seeing our RV again now that we’re all settled down in a “house without wheels”…but…nope. We LOVED our RV and now we LOVE our house. Oh how we love it. So I think all y’all need to drive those rigs right back to Montana and come see the Janssens when it gets warmer 🙂 We have some good campin’ round these parts!

    matt, sara, and bella

  8. Love the vid! Truly shows that one size does not fit all, but all sizes are good times!


  9. Great video, thanks for sharing these. Nice to see the inside of yours!

  10. Awesome post! Love the video tours.

    We roll in a 35′ 2005 Jayco Eagle, towed by our 2007 GMC Sierra 2500. We love it! Can’t wait to meet up with you guys in February when we are in Austin! We can give you a quick tour too~

  11. great post! video adds a lot…

  12. I enjoyed the tours very much! I think it would be great if you did more of these…

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