The Kids are Alright in Denver

20080712w_nettlebee02.jpgOur time at the ranch ended sooner than expected last Friday. We had to get our furkid Jerry to his oncologist in Denver, after he went on a hunger strike. The news is as good as can be expected considering that he’s at 22 months past his cancer diagnosis, which is 18 months longer than docs gave him to live. He continues to fight this nasty disease with all he’s got.

We’ll be here in this sprawling megalopolis for at least a week, taking care of business. But it’s not going to be all work and no fun. Camped out next to us at Cherry Creek State Park are Kevin and Angie, of NuRVers fame, and later in the week, we’ll be reunited with Sara, Matt and Bella of Live Lightly. Then, my best girlfriend’s friend Eva, who just hit the road for an epic solo journey in her groovy Vanta-C, will roll in with her dog Ralgh.

Things are buzzing around here. Crotchety old folks beware, the kids are moving in, and the fun has just started.

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  1. This is a notification from the Park that we received several complaints about your group last night. The group was way too quiet. If we continue to receive these complaints, we will be forced to take action. We will be sending in the Margarator later on today to see if that helps matters.



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