Happy Thanksgiving to All!

View of Mt. Shasta from above Castle LakeWe have much to be thankful for this year. Having traveled the U.S. for 18 months now, we are happy, healthy, and free from the constraints of your typical day job and mortgage lifestyle.

We lost Jerry this year, but are happy to have shared so many wonderful experiences with him since we began our journey together. We have seen so much on the road, and made many new friends online.

Last year, we had no turkey, after workamping at Safe Harbor animal rescue. Two years ago, we made nachos after picking Jerry up from his amputation surgery. And now we are reuniting with family and friends to enjoy a bounty of food and catch up with each other here in the woods below Mount Shasta.

The air is cold and crisp, but the company is warm and loving. Why not take a moment to reflect upon and share what you are thankful for with us?

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  1. Another great pic there Rene, I wish we were out hiking with you.

    Thankful for my family and great friends like you two.


  2. Mike and Cindi November 29, 2008 at 3:24 pm Reply

    We are thankful for friends like you. We are also thankful for our health and our friends and family everywhere. I am also thankful for nature and the fact that we can enjoy it! Hike,walk, take-a-nap, learn,explore in the wilderness…all of that we are thankful for.


    PS The fact that we eat yummy food is a good thankful thing. We donated organic food to the food bank this year so that people can eat yummy food like us!

  3. I am thankful for my health…
    I am grateful that each day, I am given a new start
    I am thankful for the love in my life
    I am grateful God has sent me a loving man to share my journey
    I am thankful for friends & family
    I am thankful for all the blessings!

  4. this post made me so happy this morning! There is so much to be thankful, for my brilliant son who makes it easy to remember to feel young, for our RV still chugging along, for all of the warm people who’ve been so kind and welcoming to us, for the south and it’s 70 degree winters and for the Internet for allowing us to work from the road. And of course, for my gorgeously glorious wife who has given me the courage and inspiration to live this life!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  5. thankful for you

  6. … for so much of God’s rich bounty. The trick is to live well, love much and laugh a lot.

    We wish you the best for Thanksgiving.

  7. i woke up this morning !

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