On the road again, again.

Bogie Horse at Vickers Upper MeadowI simply despise blog posts that begin, “My it’s been a while since I blogged.” But when you’re workamping on a ranch full-time, there’s little time for blogging. So we’ve got a lot of catching up to do now that we’re on the road again. At least I do.

Please stay tuned for belated dispatches from our time at Vickers Ranch. In the meantime here’s a little sampling, in a slideshow …

5 thoughts on “On the road again, again.”

  1. “Hoses” … Too funny. Thanks for the correction. We’ve fixed that.

    After a week in Denver and two Vet visits, Jerry has his appetite back so we’re heading North now.

  2. So where yall off to now?

    Quick tour through Yellowstone to check out Montana, through the Northwest again and down the coast for the holidays. Really quick if it starts to get really cold. See ya soon!


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