Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader Review to Come

When I first wrote about the Amazon Kindle, I should have known I jumped the gun.

Having worked in technology marketing, I understand the importance of launching products in time for Christmas. But it always bothered me when Sales insisted on going to market before items were ready to ship. Which is apparently just what Amazon did last December.

But a couple months back Amazon announced that the Kindle wireless portable reading device is indeed now shipping. For real. So I waited a while to be sure, and sure enough, you can get your own Kindle for just $359. I heard it on NPR, it must be true.

I still think the Kindle would be a totally cool and convenient gadget for full-time RVers. I just put a stack of books that was piling up next to our bed away into a cabinet until we find the next free book exchange. This may be a while since we’re workamping through the summer. But maybe then we can regain that valuable RV shelf space! Not to mention get rid of the extra weight.

I also like the idea of being able to search for new books I might actually like and downloading them in seconds, instead of waiting for the rare find amongst the many romance novels left at most RV parks. And I especially like how the Kindle would only take as much space as one of the many paperbacks now in our cabinet.

If we can ever get our hands on a Kindle, we’ll be sure to write up a comprehensive product review about Amazon’s nifty e-book reader. Then maybe finally we’ll find out if its as nifty as we think. Until then you’ll have to settle for the more than 3,500 Amazon Kindle customer reviews. More than half of which are 5-star raves.

If you have a Kindle, leave a comment and let us know what you think! Then check out these e-books about travel available for the Kindle. Then come back and tell us what you read and what thought about that. Inquiring minds want to know.

8 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader Review to Come”

  1. You can also self publish, so everyone out there with that half written book you thought would never get published REJOICE!!!
    The Amazon Digital Text Platform is here:

    Of course you can charge whatever you like for your book (amazon keeps portion = 35%).

    not affiliated, bla bla bla…


  2. I don’t have a Kindle but have the Sony version.

    It was not something I would have bought (it was a gift) but I think it’s a great idea for RVers who are short on space. To me though, there is nothing that can replace a real book – the smell, the ability to scan through all the pages before you read, the ability to flip back and forth easily between pages……..can’t be done with an e-reader.

    Now along with the huge stack of books I have to read, I also have at least a 100 to read on my e-reader. Now I’ll never catch up.

  3. You are in charge of your content. If you don’t like Amazon, buy DRM free books elsewhere. Or just read the million or so public domain titles available for free.

    If you want bestsellers, though, you are tied (somewhat) to Amazon. But you pick what you read (Amazon wants you to read it ALL, it maximizes profit). Small price to pay for reading it 30 seconds after having the idea (and no gas to drive to the library or bookstore).

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