Funniest. Comment. Ever.

Al Workamping at Vickers dude RanchWe just received the funniest comment on any of our posts, from someone named Harvey. (Sorry RhodesTer.)

It made me laugh. And it reminded me of fellow workamper Al, who we met working here at Vickers Ranch.

On the post I wrote about trying the NextGen Gallery Worpress plugin, Harvey said:

“You got a picture of canned pork brains, and everybody wants to comment on what program you’re using!”


Too funny … Funny peculiar, and funny ha ha. You see, just a few days earlier we had commented to Al about how we took a picture of potted meat and pork brains on the shelf at the Piggly Wiggly when we were in New Bern, NC . (Al is from North Carolina.) Then we received this comment about those very same pork brains.

Just another one of those funny little coincidences in life, literally. Funny enough I just had to share it.

6 thoughts on “Funniest. Comment. Ever.”

  1. could it be ‘for your info est. time of arrival to be determined”?

    Exactly! I was merely being facetious, because I’m the one who must be getting old!


    omygosh. i only got to figure out the first half of that.

    either im getting too old for this or im spending too much time in the desert.

    [could it be ‘for your info est. time of arrival to be determined”?]

  3. Personally, I’d NEVER be caught taking a picture of pork brains in a place where it’s considered food. Do you really want to hear ‘you ain’t from around here are yah?’ in such a place?

    You guys sure like to live dangerously.


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