The Always New Shower View

Ouray Bluff through RV Skylight from 4J+1+1 CampgroundNearly a year ago now – way back in Deadwood, SD – I wrote about how the view is always different from our kitchen table. Another view that always changes for us is out our Bathroom window.

Being a skylight, the view is usually of the sky. Light during the day, but sometimes we see stars at night. Until it fogs up.

Nevertheless, I am always reminded that this adventure is still fun and exciting whenever I look up and see new trees. Or the best yet, this view of the bluff above our site at the 4J+1+1 Campground in Ouray, CO.

Ouray, Colorado – pronounced you•ray – clearly lives up to it’s nickname, “Switzerland of America”. This small, old mining town is nestled in between steep peaks that have become well known for the awesome ice climbing. And while the mining is done, the town now boasts a wealth of tourists year round thanks to the hot springs.

Whether you want to play with kids in the public Ouray Hot Springs Pool or go au natural in the Orvis Springs for a Lithium fix, you have your choice. We chose the Weispaden Hot Springs Lodge because we just had to check out their Vapor Cave.

Weispaden Hot Springs Vapor Cave Ouray, COStep through the wooden doors beneath the Weispaden in and you enter another world. A land of the lost. A steamy cave that will immediately fog up your camera lens. But you’re not there for pictures, you’re there for the water. Which is hot!

The shallow rock pool in the cave runs around 108 degrees but it felt more like 112. Soothing, sure. Borderline scalding. But you gotta do it just for the experience. The cave is cool. I mean warm. The water is hot, the experience is cool.

You can always escape to the outdoor hot mineral water pool for a little longer soak. And I do mean pool! I’ve soaked in many a tub, but this was the first time I could swim laps. If I wanted to. Not that I wanted to in the hot water, but floating around in it was pretty cool. I mean hot.

Anyway, the view from the pool was pretty awesome too. As we soaked and relaxed in the warm water, we watched the moon come out with a vengeance over the snow covered peaks. Then we went back for one more dip in the underground stew pot. Then we walked back in a daze to our home sweet home on wheels across the river where we could admire the moon from the privacy of our own bathroom.

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  1. Hooray for Youray! We were there a little less than 2 weeks ago, and it is indeed a lovely place. We were brave enough to go to Orvis Hot Springs – to soak outside (in a fenced area) and have a view of the snow-capped mountains is quite something! They have 5 different “ponds” here; we also passed by 4J+1+1 to check it out after a filling and delicious Mexican lunch at Buen Tiempo (try the Posole!!!).

    You guys should drive east to Telluride if you haven’t yet. We camped right at the end of Main street in the heart of the town (#36 offers the best view of the mountains and is right next to the stream!) – another nice getaway town!

    Great post, Jim!


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