Live Work Dream Expense Report: March 2008

The end of March marked the end of the first quarter of 2008. Back in the old days of running the business, I used to measure all of our accomplishments and setbacks by the end of the quarter. It was a time to celebrate or drown our sorrows. But this time, for the first time in years I’d totally forgotten that the quarter had ended. It feels so good to measure time in other ways now.

Regardless, budgets still have to be adhered to, if we want to keep moving. Happily, once again we are under budget. Even with higher fuel and food costs, and Jerry‘s incredible vet bills, we are still doing pretty good. I feel incredibly fortunate. Without much futher adoo, here’s our Live Work Dream Expense Report for March 2008.

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  1. Yes, workamping saves tons! But I recommend being on the road for several months before signing on. We took our first assignment after being on the road for five months, which was barely long enough. It felt like such a heavy commitment to start any sort of work schedule again. Lucky for us it turned out well.

    I’ve been tracking our expenses and income in Quickbooks since 1998. Because we have a business, it’s useful for us. The majority of people would do fine with Quicken though. What is GNU cash?

    Keeping detailed records is key to figuring out your habits and getting on the path to financial independence!

  2. I decided to stop by and check out your blog. 🙂

    Doesn’t look like you guys are doing too bad. You are right around where we want to be. We are planning to spend about $1000 a month when we hit the road. I am hoping that our reality wont be too far off.

    It looks like you saved a lot of money that was allocated to accommodations by workamping this quarter. Its a shame that the vet bills cut into those savings. Regardless, coming out in the black is great. I hope that the pup’s ok.

    That’s a nice looking report. Lately, I have been working on doing the same thing. Are you using excel for all of your ledgers? I have been entering everything into GNUcash. In the past, I haven’t been one for keeping detailed spending records. I am gaining a new appreciation for it though. Its nice to be able to see our future spending by examining our past.

    Good luck in the Q2/08!


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