From Farmers to Fulltimers: Another Young Couple Hits the Road in their RV

20080205mikeandbrandi06w.jpgLast week while camping at Lake Manatee State Park, just outside of Sarasota, Florida, we met Mike and Brandi, two thirty-something campground hosts at the park. Finally, we’d met another fulltiming couple close to our age! Meeting them was ironic; we had just left our farmer friends at White Rabbit Acres, only to run into this Ohio couple who had sold their farm last June, to hit the road indefinitely. Like Jim and I, Brandi and Mike are both living simply, and staying out of debt so that they can really enjoy life.

I couldn’t help but think that meeting these two was a sign that perhaps Jim and I should rethink this whole farming business idea we had. Here’s why:

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  1. i have one question…. if you don’t get paid for doing farm work, how can you afford all your other living expenses?

  2. Yeah, CSAs can mean one less worry, but they are still subject to the cycles of Mother Nature. And as we all know, she’s been pretty pissed lately. That is scary.

  3. Working all year to create a commodity, the price of which rises and falls inexplicably, would be nerve wracking. Community-based organic farms seem to be thriving. They’re supported by “member/customers” locally. The farmers are guaranteed an income, and they can grow a variety of crops. They’re immune from the whims of the market.

  4. Ditto. It was so great to meet them, to reinforce my own preference to stay out of debt and out from under the control of bankers and tax collectors. I thought I saw a farm in our future, and as much as I love the work, I’m not really sure now that I want to be tied down like that again.

  5. This couple has figured out what we’ve figured out……….sooner than we did! I totally agree with everything they’ve said. I hope we’ll meet some of the younger crowd somewhere on the road with this attitude on life.

  6. All I can say is AWESOME as this couple has got it dialed in.
    They work as a team in setting and realizing goals, what could be better?

  7. Spoonie Moe: Then perhaps you should get a job so you can leach off your employer’s bandwidth and watch! Or perhaps you should spend some more time at the library looking for a job!

  8. Just because I told you that your vidios were great doesn’t mean you should put them in every post now. Come on now I ain’t got the bandwidth.

  9. Hey guys, Little “A” here on the old man’s machine. Interesting what Mike and Brandi had to say. Corn and Oil rules all!!!!!!!!

    Stay Safe………….Aaron

  10. So maybe the answer really is to not rush into anything! Keep on doing what you are doing, enjoy life, see the country, meet interesting and/or strange people, visit friends (this part is very important!), and just have a good time until you really find the right fit or opportunity that you just can’t pass up. Good luck!

  11. i get a “sense” of former military ! ??

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