Attend a Workamper Expo and Support Your Fulltimer Lifestyle

Did you ever wonder how campground hosts get jobs in places like Yellowstone, or along Lake Champlain? Chances are, they heard about it through the Workamper Association.

workampseminar.jpgThey’ve been around for over 20 years, and their Workamper News is the best way to hear about adventurous job openings for everything from being an interpretive guide, to running trains for traveling carnivals!

Keep reading to see our movie with interviews from employers exhibiting at the 2008 Workamper conference we attended in Lakeland, FL.

For less than $40 a year, you can subscribe to Workamper and receive daily email updates about openings in North America, and sometimes beyond. Joining was one of the best investments we’ve made. Subscribe today and a get a free issue when you join with Promo Code AGRE6207. We found our animal rescue gig through it, as well as our upcoming summer gig at a dude ranch, and our fall gig in a wildlife reserve, both in Colorado.


The second best investment was going to the Workamper conference in Lakeland, Florida last week. Each year, the group hosts an expo in Florida and Arizona.

For just $3.50, you can attend great seminars, talk to veteran workampers, and meet prospective employers. We had a blast learning about opportunities we never knew existed.

If you haven’t hit the road yet, I highly recommend attending a Workamper Expo. It will open your eyes up to the range of possibilities for making a living on the road.

Just watch these interviews we did at the recent expo for some interesting ideas:

11 Responses to “Attend a Workamper Expo and Support Your Fulltimer Lifestyle”

  1. How about being a circus clown? Are there any jobs like this for workampers?

  2. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    The circus and carnival folks we talked to seemed to welcome kids as they both had positions for teachers available.

    I’d recommend subscribing to and looking for other opportunities outside the normal campground host type positions. For instance … this summer Rene and I will be working on a Dude Ranch!

  3. We are a homeschooling, 2 income family of six who is interested in full time rv living. We know we will need income coming in to accomplish our dream of traveling the US with our kids. The only debt we have right now is our towing vehicle. I also would like to maintain a public storage for the “things” we can’t fit in our trailer. In addition to that, of course there is the cost of feeding 4 growing kids (16, 12, 10, 8) our fuel and insurance costs, and some “school” expenses. At first glance, I would love to workamp, but am not sure how parks respond to having kids in tow. My husband has been a residential construction superintendant for 7 years now and I have done little bits of everything from Real Estate sales (6 years) to waiting tables, creative memories consultant to now working as a banker. We are both smart, active professionals who should be able to come up with a way to generate enough income on the road, but so far nothing has presented itself. Any suggestions would be helpful. We would like to hit the road this coming September for our last school year before our oldest graduates!

  4. I just found out we are disqualified from doing so; we have too many teeth between us.

  5. Yes, the circus sounds like a great fit.
    The circus is calling you…
    Go to the circus,
    you know you want tooooooo. 😀

  6. Join the circus!!!! They said they need advertising and marketing people!! That’s you guys!!


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