Deciding Not to Decide

cows_07.jpgIt’s a swampy night here in Vero, and we’ve spent the last few hours swatting away bugs while enjoying the last of the holiday season. This monumental year is coming to a close, and even after thousands of miles and too many towns to count, we are both nowhere closer to deciding where we want to live, or what we want to be when we grow up.

We have our favorite regions, but really, the only decision we’ve been able to make, is to decide not to decide. In essence, that is a decision of sorts, right?

Our next year on the road is shaping up to look like this:

  • January: Hang with the cows and chickens at White Rabbit Acres through 1/29
  • February: explore more of the south, including New Orleans and Texas
  • March: arrive at Riverbend Hot Springs Resort in Truth or Consequences New Mexico, to workamp, and stay through May 1 or longer if we want.

Some summertime workamp opportunities may present themselves either in Colorado or Vermont, or back in Humboldt. You’ll find us heading in one of those three directions.

cowsrene_01.jpgIf we workamp at least another two months next year, we can afford to extend our journey by about 5 more months beyond our original year without going outside of our original budget. That buys us even more time to decide on our future. Or, we might just keep on rolling along, workamping here and there, making money here and there, and experiencing more of this great big, diverse, beautiful country of ours.

Who knows? We don’t, that’s for sure.

3 thoughts on “Deciding Not to Decide”

  1. Remember that you don’t need to decide. No need to grow up, you look and sound like you are having a great time. So what if it your life style is not “traditional”. Keep smelling the flowers and dreaming. Don’t grow up


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