There’s no place like home.

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Perhaps that’s a good thing. But perhaps the reason we like Vermont so much, is that it reminds us of the last place we called home. After spending ten years in Humboldt County, CA, we were ready for a change. But finding a small town near abundant natural beauty with an open minded population of young creative individuals has been a challenge. Until we visited the Green Mountain State, that is.

After spending time in the Burlington area up north, and visiting Bennington down south, we’ve discovered a lot of reasons to possibly call this place home. Discussions with both Vermont Natives and Transplants have pointed to somewhere in between the two regions we’ve visited as being an ideal candidate for relocation.

What we will do when we do plant roots somewhere is another story. Or another question, rather. But unlike Eureka, everywhere we’ve been in Vermont seems accessible, diverse, and within an hour or so of a substantial metropolitan area where one can get the big city fix. Even the smallest of Vermont towns that we have visited appear to have a sustainable if not thriving community. And as long as we stay away from any major tourist area, I would venture to add that Vermont land and real estate is still relatively affordable.

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  1. I seem to recall quite another resource from Vermont back n my roadie days and it wasn’t politics…

  2. Thanks Mike! Great to hear from you. FYI: Your Lasso Security Cable is great for securing our portable generator to the hitch in the back of our truck or to our trailer while we’re away from camp!

  3. Michael Jewell October 12, 2007 at 11:29 am Reply

    Hey there nomads……..just checking in to say hello. Vermont eh? I thought If I ever leave Humbolt and Vermont actually succeeds at separating from the rest of the *(%$&^#@ up country, it would be a good place to live. I have heard from the local residents that they have 6 seasons, not 4 like the rest of us. They seem to have added MUD and STICK season to their calender.

    Glad your doing well………



  4. the greatest resource vermont has is sen. bernie sanders!,my man!

  5. gotta have a dream!!

  6. coffeesister’s cousin, Joy Brownlee, lives in Humboldt – tell me you know her, so that we can all sit around and marvel at what a small world this is.

  7. I love everything about Vermont, and I haven’t even been there! Everything you have written confirms what I have researched. And don’t forget, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is from there, so it’s gotta be COOL!!! FOO ROOLZ!

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