Focus on what you don’t want

Bob’s Country KitchenYou never know what lies down the road ahead. While this applies to much of life in general, it is especially important when you’re hungry.

When you don’t know what might be found around the bend, it is impossible to decide on exactly what you want. There might just be something better. There may be nothing at all. Either way, the odds are against you finding what you set your mind on.

We discovered a simple solution that may save you a lot of stress. Don’t get your mind set upon one particular thing, whether that be an old fashioned diner, roadside burger stand, or a family run pizzeria. You probably won’t find it. Instead, decide upon what you don’t want. Rule that out, and something good is bound to come your way.

While exploring Western Mass one day, we got really hungry. We also started to get upset about not finding just what we wanted. We then had this epiphany and agreed that we did not want any of the Brazilian food, pizza, or Chinese restaurants we had seen. (Yes, Brazilian food.) And as soon as we did, we came across Bob’s Country Kitchen in Lanesboro, MA. Just what we were looking for… good home cookin’ at a place where they still call ya “Hun”.

We couldn’t have asked for anything better. I had the fried chicken, complete with scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, and baked beans which René said even a vegetarian couldn’t resist. She had a classic fish fry, beer battered and served on a grilled bun. I’d been craving some fried chicken since we drove through the Midwest, and it was well worth the wait – excellent in fact, golden crispy but not at all greasy. With too many sides to choose from, I opted for an extra and got some slaw. Tasty with no heavy overpowering mayo flavor, it was minced fine with carrots and celery and had a slightly spicy bite to it.

Good EatsConsidering our late lunch an early dinner, we couldn’t resist the vast homemade pie selection and just had to have some Boston Cream Pie. We were after all, in Massachusetts. Even if it was the other side of the state. And it was as great as the prices! For less than $30 we had two delicious meals, an extra side dish, dessert, and drinks, complete with fast, pleasant service.

You know a meal was good if you eat plenty and leave full, but don’t feel grotesquely stuffed. The entire experience would have been perfect if we could only have figured out the owners’ snow white infatuation as exemplified by their painting collections of the seven dwarfs.

Boston Cream PieSociety makes it far too easy for travelers to settle for less, with a Subway or McDonald’s at nearly every other intersection. Even in the quaintest of small back road towns. But if you just have a little patience and determine what you don’t want instead of trying to find that perfect place, you may be pleasantly surprised. We were.

Perhaps the same will ring true for figuring out what we will do next with our lives. It shouldn’t be too hard deciding what we don’t want to do!

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