Please report any technical difficulties.

this week’s outdoor officeI’ve just finished upgrading this blog to the latest version of WordPress (v. 2.2.2). So if you were encountering any odd issues while reading Sunday night, that’s why. Coincidentally, Google seems to be having trouble right now with the satellite imagery for all Google Maps – not just our site.

If you ever experience any other unexpected glitches while enjoying this site, please post a comment here or send us an email through the contact form on our About page. Thank you for your support.

The blog upgrade went relatively smoothly and didn’t take long at all. The WordPress upgrade procedure is really quite simple with a basic understanding of FTP, server file hierarchy, and access to your SQL database via phpMyAdmin. Most website hosts provide this tool and WordPress offers very detailed instructions for installation and upgrades.

Another option for publishing your own blog is to rely on a third party site such as Blogger or pay for a service such as Typepad. But we are getting closer to launching where we will set up WordPress blog accounts for RVers and others wishing to publish their travels online at no cost! Stay tuned for more information or send us an email if you’re interested in being one of the first and we’ll notify you upon launch of this new service.

6 thoughts on “Please report any technical difficulties.”

  1. That patch is still holding! I’ll pay you when it fails, if we don’t put another hole the pad first. Though we haven’t much felt like having any fires lately.

  2. Oh man, your desk is sooo much cooler than mine!
    And I love to see you putting your Thermarest to good use as your office chair!

    You never paid me back for that pink patch I gave you for that Thermarest! 😉



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