Onward and Eastward Over the Continental Divide

Crossing the Divide in ColoradoThere’s so much catching up to do tonight after boondocking out in the Routt National Forest outside of Steamboat Springs, CO. Due to some crazy mountain storms, our satellite service was iffy at best, so we couldn’t get online. We had to find other things to do over the last few days, like fish, mountain bike, hike, knit, and play with Jerry. It was hard to leave Seedhouse Campground, the best campground we’ve taken the RV to yet. But we have to keep moving.

Both Jim and I agree that we love Colorado. But the areas we love are so darn expensive and out of reach. So now here we are, in a KOA by the side of a major interstate in Laramie, WY.

We’re on the way to Devils Tower National Monument (we’ll miss the Sturgis rally by 2 weeks…darn!). But we stopped in Laramie on the way, because of an Utne Reader list that claimed Laramie is “One of America’s Most Enlightened Towns.” Their reasoning is because the University of Wyoming is here. So we thought we’d check it out.

Well, people here are definitely friendly, and although there is a bit of bohemian academia attitude and appearances here, there’s definitely not enough of it for us to stay longer. Also, my Dad reminded me that Laramie is where the horrific Matthew Shepard murder happened in 1998. Yikes.

Laramie, and the flatlands in general, are definitely not for us. Bye bye Laramie.

5 thoughts on “Onward and Eastward Over the Continental Divide”

  1. That’s more than a touch of gray old friend… That’s what running your own graphics shop for ten years will do to ya! You should know…

    I owe all the credit for planning and budgeting this trip to René. I’m just the driver. One whose Bohemian cloak and long hair have been replaced by shorts, a tank top and buzz cut.

  2. I think you will travel a wonderfull road, see many places, of which you imagine yourself living in for one reason or another. At the end of the journey you may in fact find yourself real close to someplaces that you have lived before. As people we like what were used to and what we identify with.

    I have to admit you have come a long way since we shared a small office on Polk street and I do have a great amount of respect and lots of admiration for what you are doing. It takes guts, plans, and the where withall to put together a small fortune to pull off what you have embarked on. I thank you for that as it inspires us all, even those of us who have done it for many years, many years ago… When I did it there was always a 21 hour excuse to stay inside some arena in the town I was in. When I was traveling there was always a diversion or two on the bus, but we did see lots of the country and I always wondered what it would be like to live in a place like Casper or Fort Payne, untill I found out. At 24 it was fun. At 46 I do not think I am much up for the culture shock.

    Is that a touch of gray I see in the last picture??? What happened to the Douer, Black Cloaked Bohemian Web Guru of yore???

  3. Isn’t every college a kind of Bohemian lifestyle?? Isn’t that kind of one of the reasons you go off to college?? (aside from the education part.


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