Maps – Phase I

Where are we now? Check our maps from phase two of our journey! Use the interactive maps below to follow our travels during the first two years of our life on the road…

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The LiveWorkDream Road Trip Route Maps

Mapping the travels of Jim, René and Jerry the three-legged superstar across the U.S. in the mobile headquarters of Agreda Communications.

place marker Green map marker indicates our current location. Blue markers indicate the places we’ve called home for the night (or longer). Other map markers indicate national monuments we’ve visited or places of interest we just had to see.

Route Map 8:
Westcliffe, CO to ? (October 21, 2008 – ?)

View LiveWorkDream Roadtrip Map 8 in a larger map

Route Map 7:
Kirkland, WA to Westcliffe, CO (October 21, 2008 – May 08, 2009)

Route Map 6:
Tres Piedras, NM to Kirkland, WA (May 9, 2008 – October 20, 2008)

Route Map 5:
Blacksburg, VA to Tres Piedras, NM (November 3, 2007 – May 8, 2008)

Route Map 4:
Youngstown, NY to Blacksburg, VA via Maine (September 9, 2007 – November 3, 2007)

Route Map 3:
Grand Forks, MN to Youngstown, NY (August 1, 2007 – September 9, 2007)
Includes side trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls, Canada without the trailer.

Route Map 2:
Flagstaff, AZ to Grand Forks, MN (July 05, 2007 – July 31, 2007)

Route Map 1:
Eureka, CA to Flagstaff, AZ (June 02, 2007 – July 05, 2007)

NOTE: The red line from Portland, OR to Eureka, CA indicates the first leg of our journey where we drove the new Arctic Fox 24-5N home from Apache Camping Center.

Want to meet up with the the LiveWorkDream Team somewhere? If you’re planning a trip and want to catch up with Jim, René and Jerry, be sure to check this map to see if they’ll be in the area. Have any interesting suggestions for places to visit? Contact us and let us know.

Other Maps: