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Live Work Dream readers are the first to know about our Preorder Sale for the new and improved Fourth Edition of Income Anywhere! Oh, and we’ve now launched the new site. Many thanks to everyone who subscribed to be notified.

We’re Back! Did you miss us? We hope you enjoy the new site. This major overhaul was long overdue. We apologize for the downtime, but are confident of the many improvements we’ve added here. Please feel free to contact us if you discover any bugs undocumented features. 🙂

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Put money in the bank, wherever you camp!

Our Preorder Sale Is Now Live!

Big News: The Kindle edition of Income Anywhere! will soon be available on Amazon, with a tentative publication date of March 8, 2022. The paperback edition will publish at that time for $13.50. And the e-book will be $7.50 on Amazon.

HOWEVER: Live Work Dream readers can save now during our Preorder Sale. Get the e-book now for $6.49 and the paperback for only $11.90.

Regular pricing returns when the Preorder Sale ends on March 8, 2022!

NOTE: The e-book version we offer here includes downloads for three formats. You’ll get .epub for Apple Books, .mobi for older Kindle devices, and the .pdf optimized for printing. All include active hyperlinks for direct access to hundreds of resources online. The paperback includes complete URLs for easy reference to all links.

More to Come about Income Anywhere!

Stay tuned for complete details about this new and improved Fourth Edition of Income Anywhere! For now, visit our Income page and take advantage our Preorder Sale to save now.

Rest assured, this edition is a vast improvement! We’ve expanded the Workamping section to include numerous resources for finding paid and volunteer workamping jobs. We have also added a section all about making money in the Gig Economy. And, with 15± years experience now as location independent entrepreneurs, we include even more proven tips for building your own remote home based business.

If you are reading your Advance Review Copy, thank you! We’ll be in touch soon with details about submitting your Amazon review.

As a positive force in the Workamping community for many years now, this professional duo continuously shares quality, how-to information via their books, website, and other media. They don’t just write about it; they live it too. This guide won’t steer you wrong.

Executive Director, Workamper News

What about this “major” overhaul?

If you’re a long time blog reader, you know this site makeover was long overdue. Thank you for your patience. We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to improve the experience here for all readers and visitors. Please leave a comment to let us know what you think. Take a look around, and contact us with any feedback or unexpected discoveries.

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We’ve come a long way baby…thanks for coming along for the ride!

With this update, we’ve migrated to the GeneratePress theme framework and integrated WooCommerce for our e-commerce and Preorder Sale. These are just a couple of my favorite tools for building client websites and online stores. We discuss blogging and selling with WordPress and much more in our Self Employment section of Income Anywhere!

And now we’ll return to our regularly programmed schedule…

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