Energetic Entrepreneurs Building Community and Self-Publishing on the Road

Rene and I have been energetic entrepreneurs ever since I started my first side-hustle from our small San Francisco apartment closet. After leaving our lucrative Silicon Valley careers in 1998, we hustled together to grow our full-service global marketing firm from a remote northern Califormia town. That energy really began to grow once we hit the road to travel with our Chief Fun Officer Jerry, when he helped us find our purpose to serve others through the work we do at Tripawds.

To this day, we continue working from anywhere in the mobile Live Work Dream HQ. Who knew that 13+ years later we would publish Be More Dog, to tell the whole story. Or that we would one day share how we did it on a podcast titled The Energetic Entrepreneur… 

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Energetic Entrepreneur Podcast: Be More Dog Interview

Rene and I recently had the honor of being guests on The Energetic Entrepreneur podcast with Bridget Cobb. We shared our backstory about how it all began. We talk about starting our first home based business as new entrepreneurs. And we discuss how our energetic journey continues as digital nomads. 
Listen to episode:

From the podcast episode description:

You know when you are doing something and it just doesn’t feel right? Now, imagine that is your day job and you are doing it 9 hours a day! Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano not only recognized that feeling but then DID something about it! Listen in to see how they left the fast-paced corporate world to build a business that actually fulfilled them, all inspired by a three-legged dog named Jerry.

About the Energetic Entrepreneur Podcast

Building your own business while you work a 9-5 day job? Bridget Cobb explores the mindset, energy and strategy you need to thrive in your life as both an entrepreneur and employee. Can you do both? Yes, you can.

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  1. Nice! A great interview and congratulations on all the ways you help and offer information and encouragement to others. You have lots of fingers in the pie of the media (even if your favorite real pie place is now closed!)


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