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Nearly ten years ago we decided to take a one year sabbatical. Seven months and thousands of miles later, we realized we loved full-time RVing and wanted the road trip to continue. To make that happen, we had to learn about workamping by joining Workamper News. Today when you join and attend the annual Workamper Rendezvous, you’ll get the hang of things faster than ever before. Here’s your chance to get a great deal on both a Workamper News membership and the annual event.

Learn About Workamping First, then Do It!

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Jim practices his roofing skills while workamping.

Rendevous wasn’t around when we started workamping in 2007. By the time it was, we had already learned plenty of lessons the hard way. After attending our first Rendezvous in 2011, we now know that the annual Workamper Rendezvous is the best reality check for learning the ins and outs of the workamping lifestyle.

The conference is super convenient if you’re already headed south for winter. Held in the pretty setting of Heber Springs, Arkansas, this multi-day conference is well worth the trek and the price of admission. What’s even better is you can save $40 off the price of your ticket if you join Workamper News as a Gold-Level member.

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As Workamper Concierge members, we are happy to offer all new members the Promo Code AGRE6207 for Two Free Months of your membership. Read complete details here then sign up now with the promo code for your extra Gold Level member benefits. See our Workamping page for details.

Get Discount Tickets to Workamper Rendezvous

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Every day another future full-time RVer joins the Workamping Facebook Group that Jim manages. Each one is there to learn about workamping and the group has lots of great job leads too. However the best and fastest way anyone can get started is to register for the 2017 Workamper Rendezvous.

This year’s conference is taking place October 16 through 20th. You will learn so much about things like:

  • How to find a workamping job
  • Essentials of a workamping resume
  • Which workamping situations will work for us
  • What to expect as a workamper
  • And how to make the most of every workamping arrangement.

Attendees get three full days of non-stop learning from RV lifestyle speakers, plus two “bonus” days with smaller close-knit groups that explore aspects about the lifestyle in more detail. Workamper employers will also be there to recruit new graduates for the upcoming workamping job season. You’ll get all your questions answered in the Workamper Rendezvous FAQs page.

learn about workamping
Be more employable.

As we say in our Income Anywhere! e-book, workamping won’t pay your bills, and you shouldn’t rely on it as your primary way to earn money traveling. But if you want to explore America while cutting your rent costs and earning a bit of spending money, it’s the way to go. Just do yourself a favor and don’t learn workamping lessons the hard way. Get to know the experts and hear what they have to say at Rendezvous. We can’t recommend it enough.

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