Our Love Affair with the Beaver

Are you a Beaver Believer? We are!

There’s something magical about watching an endless parade of giddy adults pull into a gas station to pay homage to a beaver.

But these cult fans aren’t stopping for just any old beaver, and not the same ol’ potty break. Nope, they’re pulling over to pay homage to Buc-ee the Beaver, mascot of the cleanest, sparkling restrooms and fun-filled convenience store, souvenir shop and gas station in America!

In 2010 we told you about the day we fell in love with Buc-ee in Luling, Texas. This time, upon our return to New Braunfels we were ecstatic to learn that the biggest Buc-ees store opened just up the road from our spot at Landa RV Park.

In the grand style of the Great State of Texas, Buc-ee’s hit a home run and did this one up BIG! With 60 gas pump stations and 83 restroom stalls so clean you could picnic in ’em, we were awestruck by the size of the New Braunfels Buc-ee’s.

You’ve never seen so many people who are excited to take a leak. And with good reason  . . .

With two hand sanitizers in every stall and always-present attendants, Buc-ee’s restrooms recently earned them the honor of having the cleanest restrooms in the nation!

The best part about Buc-ee’s is that it’s not just a place to stop and take a leak. Buc-ee’s is a place to dive into the best of Texas culture!

Buc-ee’s has the biggest selection of kitschy, gourmet and spirited texas-centric products, from homemade fudge to home decor.

And of course, no river toobing season is complete without a Beaver Tube. You’ll be the coolest toober on the Comal with Buc-ee by your side!

Don’t worry about going hungry, Buc-ee’s has you covered . . . In queso!

The next time you’re driving across Texas, hold it and wait until the next Buc-ee’s location appears on the horizon.  I guarantee you’ll fall in love with the Beaver.

See you next time Buc-ee, we’ll be back.

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  1. Just a few weeks ago we were in the process of moving to Texas, driving down I-10 toward san antonio. We’ve never heard of Bu-cee’s but the quippy billboards had us hooked. We also stopped at the one in Luling and loved it, good and all. We’re now hooked on the beaver too.


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