Slab City Murmurs, Rumors and Changes

An audible murmur hovers over Slab City as residents and snowbirds alike chatter about big changes that are about to occur.

No, it’s not about this week’s ginormous full moon.


And it’s not Peter‘s new Fitness Center.


Or even Turtle’s exciting Lizard Tree Library renovations.

Lizard Tree Library Renovation Project

It’s about major decisions and dealings that were made without involving the tough and spirited people who live here all year long.

I know little of what’s about to occur, so I won’t say anything more until after this Sunday’s big announcement at the Range.

There’s never a dull moment here at Slab City USA.


8 thoughts on “Slab City Murmurs, Rumors and Changes”

  1. I love the new discoveries you made like the workout smoking center, hehe and library renovations! Thanks for not giving out details till we get the OK from the powers that be. It is still very confusing and emotional for many, but I am hopeful that it will bring stability to the Slabs in the long run.

    • Hey Robi, it’s nice to hear from you. I agree, there’s a lot of confusion so I’m looking forward to the meeting on Sunday to clear things up. If you’re hopoeful I’m hopeful! 🙂


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