Keeping Fit On The Road Again

While I was getting plenty of exercise workamping at our favorite ranch for the past few months, I put my regular workout routine on hold. Now that we are back on the road again, it’s time to start running again, and exercising to make up the for the long days of travel or sitting in front of my computer.

A few months after we first hit the road, Rene wrote about keeping fit on the road with a simple routine using lightweight resistance bands—ideal for RVers. Isometric exercises are calisthenics and other ways to stay fit with little or no equipment. Running wherever we travel is an integral part of my workout and a great way to explore new areas while working up a sweat.

Here’s another infographic detailing simple exercises any nomad can do from their rig while traveling full-time. Don’t forget to stretch!

Infographic Courtesy Of: Spectrum Clubs

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