Wrong Way Snowbirding

Pummeled. That’s the only way to describe this very unexpected Rocky Mountain blizzard that’s bombarded us since returning to Jerry’s Acres for a few weeks.

This photo was taken yesterday. There’s even more snow now that’s covered up the trees you see here. Another 2′ is supposed to fall today.

Snowy Deck

I am so over this. I’ve never experienced snowfall like this in my life, and hope that I never do again. Yes, I’m a sissy. I want my flip flops and cold beer, waaaah! Life is too short to shovel snow. It’s a great workout but I’d rather go for a run in warm weather.

About the only thing that makes this weather disaster fun is our newest neighbor.

Rocky Moose
Peeping Rocky

Say hello to Rocky!

6 thoughts on “Wrong Way Snowbirding”

  1. Welcome back to Colorado. We returned Mar 1 and have endured 3 or 4 blizzards….crazy because this is not the norm. Stay warm and enjoy that new neighbor 🙂

  2. I had to get up early this morning to do my run, since it will get close to 80 today. It has been rough riding my motorcycle almost every day to work. I feel your pain 🙂


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