Occupy Your Brain

No matter what you think about the Occupy Wall Street campaign, ya just gotta love it when people jump on a bandwagon without any idea of where it’s headed, or more importantly, where it is coming from.

Oxymoronic Occupy Bible Wall Street Movement Sign

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Even if they lack a cohesive message, those who are occupying Wall Street and a growing number of locations throughout the country are doing so with a common purpose. They disagree with the establishment they are protesting. So what exactly are people saying by placing an “Occupy Your Bible” sign in their front yard? I don’t even think they know.

Aborted Baby Memorial New Braunfels, TexasOne thing I enjoy about traveling the back roads of America is discovering all the micro-cultures and political climates that make this country the beautiful melting pot it is.

Where have you enjoyed visiting where you may not have necessarily agreed with the general consensus of the local population in terms of politics or religion?

2 thoughts on “Occupy Your Brain”

  1. Oh boy….this one is easy! Tennessee for religious differences (bible belt-need I say more?) And political differences. Then there is Texas mainly for political differences….with their lack of environmental protections at the forefront.

    This was great timing….I’m still debating on if I should actually publish my rant on OWS. It is still cooling off in my drafts! This is the first time we have seen the bible signs. I’m still mulling over that one.


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