The Moose Are Loose

Crystal Lakes Colorado Front Yard DeerIn  the weeks leading up to our departure from Jerry’s Acres, Mother Nature was sending us signals that it was time to go. Or rather, she was sending her minions to tell us.

Crystal Lakes Colorado Front Yard DeerWhen we arrived last spring, we would often see deer and even spotted a few Moose.

Then as summer rolled on and the weekenders rolled in on their ATVs, sightings became far and few between. And then there were none.

But once the weather chased away everyone but the crazy few full-time residents, the Moose of Crystal Lakes made their return.


We welcomed the same cow with her calves who had clearly grown up. The deer started showing up in greater numbers. And the coyotes could be heard more often and much closer. By now they are probably making themselves at home, and surely happy that we have left.

Crystal Lakes Colorado Moose Cow and Calf

Considering the weather back “home” was 13 degrees with a strong chance of being buried in snow the last time we checked, we are happy to be on the road with it getting warmer every day, and glad to have the moose there to look over the place.

Crystal Lakes Moose Cow and Calves out our window

8 thoughts on “The Moose Are Loose”

    • Hey good to hear from you! We think we might go to Big Bend but will definitely be heading to the Hill Country for a spell. Nothing like Springtime in Texas! Hope to see you there. {{{hugs}}}

  1. I’m amazed at how many moose you have around your place! That’s definitely not something we expect to see around our place. We plan on hitting the road again in March.

  2. Awww, look at that! Now that we have a car that can make it through the snow, we might have to go up and hang out at your place while you’re gone, lol.


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