Republic Texas Tea Tequila Tasting

They came. They got to know each other. They made cocktails.

Sam and Tracy make Boat Drinks for Nu Bartender WarsI’m speaking of the Nü Rvers of course, at their recent get-together in Gonzales, Texas for Days of the Nü II. One highlight from this year’s gathering was the first Bartender Wars.

Ben and Karen took first place with their Blazing Bloody Mary, and we brought home the Best Presentation award thanks to our Nü Hawaiian, complete with theme music and little umbrellas. (Thanks to Sam and Tracy!)

Republic Tequila Texas TeaBut as we promised the fine folks from Republic Tequila – who we met at the first Luckenbach Hat Festival, which they sponsored – we brought along a bottle of their new Reposado for the Nü Crew to try out.

Enjoy this video of us preparing a batch of Republic Texas Tea and getting feedback from a few true tequila afficionados …


After making this batch of Republic Texas Tea, and passing around a few straight shots, the votes were unanimous – well, almost. Among actual tequila drinkers the consensus was; Republic Tequila rocks! It is aromatic and mellow, ultra-smooth and easy drinking – fine to sip, and most excellent mixed.

Republic Tequila Luckenbach Hat Festival SponsorsHere’s the topper, Republic Tequila is made with 100% certified organic blue agave at La Quemada, one of Mexico’s only organic distilleries. Even better, Republic uses recycled Jack Daniels charred American Oak barrels for aging their tequilas – 8 months for the Reposado and 20 months for the Añejo. And best yet, the people behind the brand are good-hearted, fun-loving folks who share a common goal; to create and market the world’s perfect tequila.

They might have done just that. Everyone has that one liquor they just can’t drink anymore. And while I make a mean margarita, I haven’t been able to sip straight tequila for years due to circumstances I care to not divulge, or can’t remember. But once I tasted the Republic Reposado, my aversion might just be cured.

Republic Tequila – “Born in Mexico, Raised in Texas” – was launched last August and is already in four states. Look for Republic throughout Texas at Spec’s Fine Spirits. I’m just glad it’s available in Colorado now! By the time of this writing you should also be able to buy it in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.

Jack tells Jim about new Republic Texas TequilaIf your favorite liquor store doesn’t carry Republic Tequila, tell them they should! If they do, you can’t miss it on the shelf. It’s the one in the Texas shaped bottle. But this is much more than just a gimmick. It symbolizes the spirit of this spirit, its big hand-crafted taste, and the freedom you’ll feel after sipping some … responsibly of course.

Some stores may also have Republic in the “tall” bottle. But what fun is that considering this tale Jack told about how the Republic bottle came to be… “We started drinking in Amarillo,” he said pointing to the neck of the bottle. “By lunch we had reached Abilene,” he adds and points to middle of bottle. “It was so good, we kept on drinking until we reached South Padre Island!” Or something like that, but anyone who knows their Texas geography understands that means it’s time for a new bottle.

8 thoughts on “Republic Texas Tea Tequila Tasting”

  1. Wow, sounds like awesome tequila…although the bottle shaped likeTexas would make it a difficult gift to give my liberal political and liberal drinking friends. However, with Jim’s endorsement, I am sure I can persuade my sister for sure!

    Sounds like fun. You guys are having fun. Miss ya!


  2. I love Republic Tequila because unlike all of the others on the market, this one doesn’t turn me into a mean drunk! Ask Jim, he knows.

    Republic is Rico Suave…smooooooothe! So very tasty, straight up or in a yummy Texas Tea!

    • ROTFLMAO!! Rene-you are adorably funny! I am so relieved RT does not turn you into a tasmanian devil-lol. Funny-I was listening to Sammy Hagar when I read this article and,of course,it inspired me to play “Mas Tequilla”-what the hell,the devil made me do it.!Gotta love ol’ Sammy! I enjoyed the video very much. Colorado does sell RT?? I’ll look out for a little ol’ bottle. hey,it’s “decorative”! I’ll display the bottle of RT and surround it with my zillion shot glasses I’ve collected from all over the country. Cheers! (BTW-am not an alcoholic and I treat any alcoholic beverage with the utmost respect. Too much red wine (more than 3-makes me a fiesty tornado-never have more than 2 after a meal, tyvm)
      Please have a great weekend and give Wyatt a big kiss from moi. 🙂

    • Straight up tequilla! omg-better have a big ol’ lime wedge for me (no salt, except over my shoulder) 🙂
      I use the name “Rico Suave ” when describing something smooth or a certain demeanor. Almost named 2 of my cats Rico Sauve-must look up the video on youtube 🙂
      PS-I’ve had an unusually great day and I am dancing around here, playing all my party music while doin’ the chores-even outside, was blasting it. next door neighbors are cool-they like what I play, not when I sing and get caught….*ahem 🙁


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