Got 110? A Tour of Joel’s Jet Electric Car

After giving us a tour of his garden, Joel explained how his electric car works.

The car was made by Jet Industries, a now defunct company from Austin, Texas, that was churning out electric cars during the 1970s oil crisis. Jet went bankrupt in 1982, just one year after newly-elected President Reagan decontrolled petroleum, declaring famously, “There’s plenty of oil!”

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4 Responses to “Got 110? A Tour of Joel’s Jet Electric Car”

  1. I saw one of these cars at Pick n Pull in San Jose yesterday. 10/7/11. The motor was missing, but the other underhood components looked present. It was at the Commercial St. location.

  2. The heavy impact on our environment using a fossil-fueled car weighs far more than 16 batteries!

  3. what`s the weight of one battery times 16 ?

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