In the Spotlight at the 2009 TCA Press Tour

Jim and Rene at TV Critics Conference Press TourWe’re getting excited about the February 15th premier of the PBS Nature episode that tells Jerry’s story. PBS is promoting the show through their Nature Blog, YouTube, Twitter, and even a pet photo contest.

For a sneak preview of some of our scenes in the show, check out Jerry’s Tripawds website.

Back when we were in Los Angeles, we were thrilled to be invited by PBS to present the show at the Annual Television Critics Press Tour. This is a twice-yearly event where TV networks showcase their best work of the season. We were on the panel along with with the show’s producer, Ellen Goosenberg Kent, animal behavior expert Sarah Wilson, and PBS executive Bill Grant.

We were clueless about the significance of the TCA event. But then Ellen told us that not every show gets invited to the showcase, and this was the only Nature episode being presented. Later, as we were whisked into the Universal Studios Hilton ballroom with a large stage, gigantic video monitors and about 100 reporters, we got the picture.

Jim’s a natural at public speaking, and was great. As for me, I’ve always dreaded it, and if I didn’t belong toToastmasters once, I would’ve fainted. I did OK though, thanks to our “little Jerry” I held, a three legged stuffed dog that our friends Bob and Marianne Morse gave to him before we left Eureka (that’s Jerry’s collar on it).

The event was over in the blink of an eye, but the results have been encouraging. We’ve so far been interviewed by the TV Guide Channel, a Tribune News Media reporter, and this Tuesday, a San Luis Obispo area talk radio host, Dave Congelton, is interviewing us. Keep an eye out for your local newspapers to review the show.

As we watch this dream unfold, we can’t help but feel blessed for all of the incredible gifts that Jerry bestowed on us. He was such an inspiration, and despite the pain of losing him far too soon, we are comforted in knowing that his story will go on to inspire others all over the world through this show, and of course, his website. Many thanks to producer Ellen and our friend Luke for believing in his story.

Remember, Why We Love Cats and Dogs premieres Sunday, February 15 on PBS (check local listings).

7 thoughts on “In the Spotlight at the 2009 TCA Press Tour”

  1. U guys look great!
    Rene, I am so with you on the whole “public speaking” thing.

    Dang Jim you sure clean up well, I can’t believe you had that coat tucked away in your RV clothing inventory 😉

    We have the DVR all set to record this, cant wait.


  2. I watched the preview link. It was sad but inspiring. You three look great on the small computer screen and I am looking forward to seeing the three of you on the big screen. Well our TV is not really that big 27 inch. Remember we are simple living people. Who knows Hollywood may be calling.


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