Mystery shots can be dangerous.

Rene and Cija shoot Red Room mystery shotsWhere can you get a good stiff shot for only a dollar? Why, at the Red Room in Portland of course. You just don’t know what that shot may be!

What a great gimmick though. When Cija told us about the “Mystery Shots” at a bar down the street, we just had to find out for ourselves. What’s the harm? We could always stumble back to our home parked in her driveway a few blocks away.

Red Room Bar Mystery Shot BottlesThe Red Room is my kinda bar – a dark dive without the dank smell. This place is clean, has live music, free guitar hero on the big screen, and mystery shots. Their gin and tonic just left a bit to be desired. But hey, that’s where mystery shots come in to play.

Thinking she knew every proper bar fly etiquette, Rene sat down and promptly proclaimed, “I’ll try number 3!”

Red Room bartender pours Mystery Shots“That’s not how it goes,” said the bartender handing her a die. Six bottles, six sides. Roll ’em and take your chances.

Cija went first. Her shot had a reddish tint, or it might have been the lighting. It smelled somewhat of apricots and I suggested it was probably Southern Comfort. She tossed it back and agreed. Alas, it was some unknown mango liqeur.

Rene’s turn. Roll, slam, “Yum!” Some kind of peach infused Vodka. She demanded a drink made with it, so I suggested a Fuzzy Navel and the barkeep looked it up. He was new on the job but aside from his well worn cocktail recipe book, we would have never known.

Free crack rock at Portland Red Room barAfter tolerating my second cheap G&T, I figured I’d give the game ago. Another bagged bottle came my way. Sniffing the shot, I nailed it – Root Beer Schnapps.

Had I proceeded with the concoctions I started to dream up using this tasty treat, our visit to the Red Room would have been dangerous indeed.

Guitar Hero at the Red Room in PortlandI never got my free crack as advertised on the sign outside. But after a look around the neighborhood, I decided not to ask. A quick Guitar Hero solo and we were on our way.

We all made it home safe and topped the night off with margaritas. After all, one can only take so much schnapps, and only Cija had to work in the morning!

5 thoughts on “Mystery shots can be dangerous.”

  1. Well I had a blast that night….the next day at work was a bit rough though. Thanks for checking out my local dive with me :0)

    I love and miss you guys!

  2. Wow! Gutsy gals you are! I’ll bet it was a lot of fun, though! Someday, I’ll have to make my way over to the Red Room just to see what it’s all about. I still regreat that we didn’t spend more time together while you & Jim were here. For some reason, I thought you’d be leaving Portland right away and we could have gotten together and done other fun things while you were here. Next time I will ask how long you plan to stay in Portland, so that won’t happen again. I could use a night out and you guys would be fun to do it with! Love, Vicki, Blazer & Kitty Kimber


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