Life in a Van Down by the River

People love to ask “so when are you going to settle down?” Sometimes I want to, sometimes I don’t. When your typical day looks like this, would you?

8:00 am: wake up, get ready to head out to the river
9:00 am: Jim goes fishing. I practice my guitar. Jerry eats sticks.
Noon: head home, take photos of roadkill, eat lunch and listen to “The Power of Now.”
1:00 pm: make homemade croutons, bake tofu, dump black tank
2:00 pm: get to work on business stuff
7:00 pm: eat dinner
8:30 pm: blog
10:00 pm: g’night

Jim flyfishing Lake Fork Gunnison RiverOn September 16, when we hit the road again, life might get a little more stressful as we have to squeeze all this in, and drive to far away places like Yellowstone and Montana. But I think we can handle it.

5 thoughts on “Life in a Van Down by the River”

  1. Ditto what Cija said!

    Just gotta adjust the goals that I am driven by from my employers to my own, and spend some time on this here idea I have. I may need to pull you two in on for some marketing help if I can get my lazy ass to finish up some decent proto-types.


  2. You are settled!… its just the view out your windows that changes regularly …If you are happy in your life, you are settled..inquire within..

  3. you suck ;0) …..I mean I am really jealous. Although I have become some a goal driven fool I wouldn’t know what to do with all that time…..maybe find inner peace and balance. If you could can that feeling of freedom…I will buy some (I’m a great consumer.)


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