ShitPissFuckCuntCocksuckerMotherfuckerTits: RIP, George Carlin

Oooh, I feel so bad for writing this, but in honor of George Carlin, I had to do it. What a guy. A real thinker. There will never be another like him.

One more great performer dies, and we never made the time to see him live and in person. First Stevie Ray Vaughn, then John Lee Hooker, and now, George. When we first planned this trip, we set aside a budget for concerts. And although we’ve been to some festivals and seen fantastic unknown musicians, we haven’t seen one major act in the last year. Jim just reminded me of this. I’m so ashamed.

So now, maybe we’ll stop being so cheap, and go see one of the greats before another one kicks the bucket. Any suggestions?



5 thoughts on “ShitPissFuckCuntCocksuckerMotherfuckerTits: RIP, George Carlin”

  1. the magic man who lives the sky & will send you to eternal damnation if you break any of his “commandments” but he loves you! one of my faves!

  2. Another great gone. At least he made it to old age. That we can be grateful for.

    I almost saw him, but it didn’t happen. My mom and dad were lucky enough to see him in Vegas within the last year. They said it was a great show.

    I know what you mean about being cheap. We are trying to spend as little as possible. Nothing seems worth the money at the time. It feels so good to spend so little each month. I hope that we don’t regret it.

    Thanks for posting the video!


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