On the road, and in the news.

Have you seen the May issue of RV Life yet? It just came out, but we’ve already received some visitors who clicked they way over here from the online edition. Why?

RV Life Magazine features LiveWorkDream update from Jim and ReneWe were featured once again in Mike Ward’s “First Glance” column. Why? Mike wanted to update his readers since he first wrote about us back in October.

We thought Mike wanted a Blurb from us for a feature he was doing on Phil and Carol White’s new Road Trip Tream book. But we’re a bit embarrassed – and honored – to see it nearly the other way around.

We were also happy to see, however, that we got our plug in for NURVers.com which is quickly growing to be the hip place for full-timers who break the stereotype. Are you Nü?

5 Responses to “On the road, and in the news.”

  1. Hi Rene –

    Great article about you guys! I didn’t know about this site – just signed up – thanks. I agree with Kim above, I don’t feel like we really fit in with the older RV crowd either.

  2. Great article in RV Life! Thanks for the link to NuRVer’s. I’ve signed Sam and I up. While we may not fit in age……..we fit in activity and philosophy. We don’t feel we fit in with the typical older RV crowd.

  3. At least we’re not paying a mortgage.

  4. wait till gas hits $5.00 per gal. !

  5. Jim and Rene YOU RAWK!

    And yes, we’re all hip. Here’s to the Nü Generation of RV Travelers!!!!

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