Dodging Boats on the Freeway in South Florida

tomiami.jpgSometimes I wish we had a motorhome. That way, whenever traffic gets hairy, I could go in the back and take a nap until it’s over. Take for example, the other day while driving to Fort Lauderdale.

If we had known that I-95 was under so much heavy construction, and lanes had been narrowed and diverted into squiggly bumpy paths, we would’ve taken the toll road.

freewayboat.jpgTrucks towing huge boats routinely come flying down the road faster than most big rigs, and drivers don’t give a rats ass if you’re hauling a tank full of mustard gas; every man’s in it for themselves, and the first one to hit the offramp wins.

This East Coast driving is worse than any we’ve seen so far, even in New Jersey.

As we headed into super crowded South Florida, it was apparent from the get go that things were going to be much different here.freewayboat2.jpg

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  1. Mike and Cindi: Well, that’s easy. Out here in the east, we don’t like assclowns who insist on passing every possible car until the last moment before the lane ends — at which point you’ll just be going slow like everyone else anyway. It’s dangerous and stupid. Those people moved over to the right lane for a reason, and it wasn’t because they thought they would be nice and let you get past. Learn to drive before getting into our traffic, please.

  2. Mike and Cindi February 3, 2008 at 3:22 pm Reply

    We found the same thing about East Coast least down in RI, Mass, NY areas. It looks as the infrastructure was produced 200 years ago..and not for autos.. No advance notice of lane closures, construction, etc..until you get right up on it! Road and street names are sometimes few and far between. You can be going along on a road and then can’t find the name of that road, just some cross streets. I guess they figure if you are on a road, you already know its name or number. Some 2 lane state highways end up on 2 lane city streets with no notice. One other weird thing we found in Maine, anyway, was that on I-95, if you see a left lane closure sign which indicates the closure will take affect, say in 2 miles, everyone moves to the right lane right then. If you continue along in the left lane past all these folks, eventually, someone will change lanes and block you from going any further. No matter that the right lane is going 25 MPH and the left lane is empty for a mile and a half ahead, you are behind one car going 25 MPH also…Maybe someone from those areas can explain why I don’t get EC traffic practices..

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