Christmas RV Epilogue: I finally got my Tryptophan

wrcarolers01.jpgNot only big Mexican families can enjoy holiday traditions, you know.

We had our own little taste of a “white” Christmas on the farm too.

On Christmas eve we even had the joy of carolers coming to sing for us at the trailer. Those Quants are one crazy bunch.

The next day we were invited for Christmas dinner. After taking Jerry to visit Brian’s mom and spread some holiday cheer, we hurried home to make the stuffed squash I usually roast for René.

Valerie made a wonderfully delicious organic turkey with all the fixins and some of the best clam chowdah we’ve ever tasted. It must have been Franny’s fresh goat milk. I was just happy to get my Tryptophan fix. And really happy it tasted so good.

xmassquash03.jpgWe busted out with Dave’s Schwabenlander pear wine that we had been saving since Wisconsin. And we laughed at the Quant’s story about the year they raised heavyweight turkeys. The one they chose to eat came in at 38 pounds! They had to split it in half and cook each side separately since it wouldn’t fit in their oven.

Trying to fit the four halves of two large winter squash in our small RV oven seemed almost as challenging. But while Brian used his reciprocating saw to hack that bird, a bread knife worked just fine for me on our organic squash. It’s just a good thing more people weren’t joining us for dinner because no more would’ve fit in our oven.

mimosas01.jpgRene and I started Christmas morning off with Mimosas. After all, we are in orange juice country.

It was a cool wet morning, and almost even felt like Christmas. But of course, as soon as we lit the oven to bake the squash, the sun came out and the temperature proceeded to climb upward, along with the humidity levels.

Jerry tired himself out tearing into his presents and visiting the home. But he was more than willing to help that evening when the Quants busted out with their gifts. The food was great and hospitality was greatly appreciated. And I even remembered my Grace, when asked to say the blessing for this feast.

quantxmas_03.jpgA Merry Christmas was had by all, and we all had a good night. Now can we please be done with all the Christmas songs on the radio!

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