So much for seeing the launch up close…

Now the shuttle isn’t launching until tomorrow. And even that is a big maybe at this point, so we’re heading south tomorrow morning. Like everyone else here in Jetty Park, we keep asking ourselves how many days we can keep saying we’ll stay just one more night. Besides, we need to be good workampers and can’t keep the farmer waiting any longer.

FL Sunrise

We’re thinking about getting up extra early and shooting down to Vero Beach so we can get set up, meet the farmer then head back out to the beach or somewhere with a decent view North by 3:00 so we can at least see the shuttle head skyward, if it does indeed take off.

Anyway, here’s a few photos from the last time we got up before dawn – during our stay in St. Augustine. We had never seen the sun rise over the Atlantic before, just plenty of sunsets over the Pacific. The weather was calm and the sunrise was as colorful as the drink. The only thing missing was the tequila…

6 thoughts on “So much for seeing the launch up close…”

  1. I wish i could make it to one of the final launches however I am hoping to catch an Ares launch as I have read they are more reliable and less dependent on the weather like the shuttle. I’ve tried to watch it from the Va beach area at the night launches but its hard. My next attempt will be to track ISS on my 6 inch dobs

  2. Yup. We checked the NASA site at 7:30 this morning right after they had made the announcement. We wasted no time packing up the rig so we could beat the max exodus to the dump station!

  3. just heard on the news that the launch is scrubbed until jan. 2! what terrible timing, especially for the 1,000+ europeans said to be on hand. i hope you’ll be able to get to the beach to watch the lauch from there. nice sunrise pics, more than i got to see from virginia beach last weekend!

  4. Just a quick update; I told Jim we’ll stay at the RV park and get a late checkout. The launch is supposed to happen at 3:21 tomorrow, then we can go to the farm after that.


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