Who Are The Fulltime Travelers Under 50?

Mountain Biking in North CarolinaAs the RV industry knows, baby boomers are becoming the largest group of fulltime RVers out there. Sure enough, in most places, Jim and I have been the youngest adults at the campground (Jim’s 41, I’m 38), That is, until we met Chris and Liz (ages 35 and 30). Finally, we randomly met two people from our generation who have also said Adios to careers and the conventional life.

As we sat around the campfire in Myrtle Beach, the four of us wondered how many fulltime travelers are in our age bracket. So I turned to RV.Net Forums to do an informal survey of RVers. Check out these great stories people are telling.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface; there are tons of offbeat travelers out there; Backpackers, train hoppers, hitchhikers, hippies driving converted school buses, you name it. These guys make us RVers look really conventional, but personally, I’ll take the security of my rig anyday.

Does that mean I’m getting old?

4 Responses to “Who Are The Fulltime Travelers Under 50?”

  1. Hey there! We are two crazy fulltimers under 50 – 42 and 43 to be exact!

  2. not old,”smart”!

  3. Hey, Love reading the great stories…..

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