Paying the Rent

RV YardworkThere’s nothing like a good dose of yard work to reaffirm one’s choice to live a simpler life on the road. But it was the least we could do. After camping out in my sister’s yard for over a week, I figured I could at least mow their lawn to show my appreciation. Besides, René had already provided some pretty good housekeeping a couple times already. It was my turn.

Sure, the lawn looked big. But I didn’t realize just how big, until I realized I was only about halfway done. I’m just glad I wasn’t using the electric mower I had back in Eureka to mow our pathetic 400 sq. ft. of grass. I actually enjoyed using Tim’s mower. I might not have if it didn’t start on the first pull, or if didn’t have the front wheel drive which made going uphill a breeze. But it was still yard work.

I couldn’t just mow though, without weeding, cleaning the curb, and raking up the leaves. So I gave them the full treatment, and got my fix. It did feel good to admire the job I had done when I finished. And the cold beer was well deserved. But I am sure glad I don’t have to do that every weekend. And I don’t plan to do it again until I have enough land of my own that justifies buying a riding mower, or preferably when we live in a place where we can just let it grow wild.

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