1981 Scamp Trailer Renovation

1981 Scamp Trailer Work in ProgressIn an effort to jump on the vlog (video blog) bandwagon, we are proud to present the first installment of hopefully many video interviews with fellow full-time RVers, travel enthusiasts, campground hosts, workcampers, and others enjoying their own live/work dream.

So without further ado, we introduce to you Mr. John Diegel of Middlebury, VT (AKA YouTube Director Creekracer). This future RVer talks about the restoration of his 1981 Scamp 16′ travel trailer, and his experience with such an undertaking, or lack thereof.

If it appears that John has a long way to go with his Scamp, give the guy some credit. When he’s not directing, filming and producing videos of Princess Heidi, he’s single-handedly running the family bakery – making great cookies for local markets – and driving by the skin of his teeth along the the back roads of Vermont.

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4 thoughts on “1981 Scamp Trailer Renovation”

  1. I tried something similar with a Van I bought for a grand. It was long wheelbase. I spent a ton of weekends not to mention money trying to convert it into my own person Class B. When I got done I realized I had spent way to much and still didn’t have anything near what I wanted. The investment in time alone was counter productive. So I sold it. Took that money, saved a bit more and bought the rig I wanted professionally converted. Much happier now. More power to the people who have the energy to undertake these “projects”, but I believe most people just don’t realize how hard it is to restore used RV’s.


    Sorry Harry, we sure would if we could … but we know nothing of Scamp trailer renovations, other that John was undertaking his, and it was taking him some time. Best of luck!

  3. Howdy, I just purchased a 1981 Scamp 16ft. it’s been pretty well restored except for the DC power system, I don’t even know where the battery is located or if it has a converter Somewhere? I need to get a a service and owners manual form someone. PLEASE HELP!!! Harry Isnor…


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