The rundown on our WordPress plug-ins

Readers who have chosen not to register for this blog and receive notification of posts and comments will be happy to know that we have just activated the Subscribe To Comments WordPress plug-in.

Beneath the comments form at the bottom of every blog post, there is now a convenient check box that will enable you to receive follow-up comments via email. This is just one of the various plug-ins we have installed to make the LiveWorkDream blog better.

To facilitate comment subscription, we have also modified our comment form template so readers can subscribe to comments without having to leave a comment themselves. And unsubscribing is simple. At the bottom of every comment e-mail notification subscribers get will be a special link to the Comment Subscription Manager where they can unsubscribe to one or many comment threads. Also, if they view the comments for the post they are subscribed to (and they haven’t deleted their comment cookie), they will see a “You are subscribed to this post” message with a link to the Comment Subscription Manager.

Other plug-ins we use on this blog include:

If you’d rather avoid having to deal with your own WordPress installation, stay tuned for our launch of where you can get your own free travel blog account.

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