Grandma’s Got Good Tea

great long island iced tea at grandmaBefore I forget, here’s a quick review of a watering hole to hit for any budget-minded drunkard. Grandma’s Sports Garden in Duluth has $4.00 pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea! I think this may be a Happy Hour special, though I’m not certain. I do know the hour we spent there was pretty happy. We got four decent sized drinks out of one pitcher, along with a decent buzz. They weren’t too sweet and not too strong. Just right. A long way from the Square Cow Fun Bar drinks of so many years ago.

Upon arriving at the Lake Head Boat Basin Marina, we drove by the Garden and didn’t think twice about hitting the sports bar scene. But after hearing about this bargain, we were more than happy to follow advice from a couple fun loving locals down on the docks. What we didn’t care so much for was the particular racial epitaph one of these very blonde guys used multiple times to describe certain people in parts of town we shouldn’t visit.

Duluth is a nice town. We just didn’t get such a nice first impression of the residents. Though to be fair, these self-proclaimed locals spent their summers on a boat and their winters “hiding out” in Florida. Sounds more like aging disgruntled beach bums to me.

Aerial Lift Bridge

Grandma’s Garden looks like a really fun place for sports fans, serious partyers and families alike. Inside I noticed games from pool and air hockey to motorcycle racing. It’s a big open space so it didn’t seem loud. We sat on the back patio since we rode our bicycles. It is just a few blocks over the town’s famous 1907 Aerial Lift Bridge from the marina. We just happened to take the long way around out to the AeroStitch factory, up the way steep hills of Duluth to Whole Foods Co-Op Market (not to be confused with Whole Foods proper), and back – through those parts of town where “you don’t want to go unless you’re looking for drugs” … whatever.

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