The Grass Is Getting Greener

enjoying the cool shadeI’ve been trying to remember the last time I wore long pants. I don’t think I’ve donned blue jeans since we said goodbye to friends back in Eureka over two months ago. I certainly do like my new uniform of shorts and a tank top, but we’ve finally made it to a climate where a short sleeve shirt is actually bearable.

We even slept with the blanket our first night at Joe’s Lodge. And the cool evening was quite a relief. One tip for new full-timers getting ready to hit the road: don’t over-pack, take only what you think you will need.

Considering we don’t really know how long we may be on the road, I don’t believe we over-packed when it comes to clothes, but I haven’t yet worn anything other than the two pairs of shorts and three tank tops I brought, plus the new one I got at one of the Sturgis Bike Week stores. I did, however, pack the following in preparation for the year to come:

  • a couple pairs of jeans
  • two pairs of shorts and two swimsuits
  • an ample supply of t-shirts
  • a few long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts
  • a couple dress shirts
  • workout clothes and lounging sweats
  • a winter rain jacket
  • a dozen pairs of socks
  • a week’s worth of underwear
  • comfortable shoes, running shoes, hiking boots and thongs
  • a pair of snow pants that I wear with my waders when fishing cold waters

Knowing that we wouldn’t encounter weather worthy of warm clothes for quite a while, we bundled most of our winter clothes in a space-saver bag that we store under our bed. These are really convenient since you can vacuum out the air to conserve space.

3 thoughts on “The Grass Is Getting Greener”

  1. We do indeed have a Black and Decker Dust Devil portable vacuum on board. It fits perfectly in one of the small compartments under the steps up to our bedroom. We do share the cleaning, but René has been a good little wife 😉 taking on most of the chores since I have been doing all the driving/towing so far.

    She has also been an excellent navigator, so there is never any tension between us! 😉 Except when I do the navigating and she is driving around towns we visit. Perhaps a post on this subject is in order indeed.

  2. A Space Saver bag? Does that mean you have a vacuum on board? I was wondering the other day if you ever have to vacuum your trailer? And who does most of the “house” cleaning? I have also been wondering who has been the better navigator/driver? Driving together for so long can create a lot of tension. Maybe you should do an entry on how to deal with that. Take care! – B


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