Our First Roadkill

The Not So Elusive Wyoming Grille BirdLongest drive yet yesterday, from Laramie to Keyhole State Park just outside Devil’s Tower Wyoming. No wonder we made our first kill. Good thing René wasn’t looking when the little bird hit the grille, she would’ve cried for sure. And thank goodness it wasn’t anything bigger, like the open range cattle, free roaming horses, Pronghorn sheep or numerous Jackalopes we’ve seen littering the Wyoming byways.

A word to the wise for anyone towing anything: as much as it may hurt deep down inside, and no matter how much your wife or children may scream and cry, never swerve or slam on the brakes to protect a little animal. Protect yourself first.

5 thoughts on “Our First Roadkill”

  1. If you consider flinging it into the woods after showing it to René and hearing her scream, then yeah, the little birdie did get a very proper service.

  2. woaH! I can hear Rene’s scream now….I’m sure it was followed by a “JIM!!! What did you just hit?? YOU Bastard!!”

  3. I had a similar roadkill experience when I went treking across Nevada to Montana back in 1988. I think it was a wild pheasant. I have a picture. How do I send it to you?


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